I’ve been thinking a great deal about success lately, and I am doing so because many success concepts are glaringly simple, yet easily misunderstood.

A couple of weeks back I wrote a blog post about goal clarity, and I think I hit a nerve of obviousness with those comments. If you are not clear on the objective, why would you even think you will accomplish the goal?

This week I want to take a stab at another glaringly obvious (yet frequently ignored) observation.

Why do some of your salespeople neglect to stand firm in a negotiation? Why do some lag far behind in their prospecting? Why do some salespeople show up late to your sales meetings?

Years ago my VP of sales asked me to go coach a sales pro, we will call Linda, to get back on track with asking for the sale.

Impact Marketing strives to meet all client needs and guidelines. We personalize each client and each shop to fit your specific needs and wants and ultimately, fulfill your overall goal!

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It was my first day in new home sales. I was in my mid twenties and overly excited to get started in handing out keys to my future customers.

The airline industry is often mocked for its poor customer service and its unhelpful employees, but Southwest Airlines is changing that. Customers loyal to Southwest often say how happy and friendly the employees are, and how hard they work to try and help customers.

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Impressing customers isn’t actually that hard to do – if you are consciously intentional about do

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