Measurement for Success by Donna Richardson - Impact Marketing, President

How do you measure success?  Well you have to start somewhere, and if you can’t start at the beginning, anywhere will do.  Whether you are losing weight and reducing your measurements, or training sales associates to sell a particular way, you want to be able to monitor progress and see results.  By taking a baseline snapshot, you have a good idea as to how much progress is being made.


     Start out slow and steady and don’t expect too much in the beginning, as this can promote a defeated attitude.  Even a little progress at a time is an achievement.  By expecting too much in the beginning, a person will realistically not meet their goals and may give up right away.


     Positive encouragement is the best way to reinforce affirmative behavior and ensure that progress is being made.  People want to please and want to excel, and a little bit of encouragement goes a long way.


     When training sales associates, the best measurement tool is VIDEO Mystery Shopping.  Some sales associates are intimidated by the process, but when used properly, it is the best available training tool on the market.  It is important to emphasize to sales associates that the shops will be used for training purposes only; not to embarrass them or catch them doing something wrong.  Think of it as an investment in your sales associates to help them learn more and earn more.  This approach can shed a positive light on shops.


     Without the use of Video Mystery Shopping, there is no way to determine if money spent on a training program is effective.  Yes, you can sometimes judge by sales, but in a good market, this is not an accurate indicator.


      During the lean years in the building industry, many companies did not conduct shops because their training budget was cut and sales training and shops were the first to go.  When builders started training and shopping again, the shops were almost painful to watch because some sales associates had become complacent since there was no accountability.  Just the fact that the sales associate knows they could be shopped at any time keeps them on their toes and encourages them to put their best foot forward at all times.


     Since the term “shops” can be a bit intimidating, many builders have coined the term “Game Film” to help take out the anxiety.  Every sport uses “Game Films” to help their players become better athletes and to identify strengths and weaknesses.  They study these “Game Films” over and over to focus on key points that will make their execution better.  This is no different in the business world.


     Sports teams also use “Game Films” to see what the opposition is doing and to study their moves. This helps the team identify their competition’s areas of strength and weakness so they can develop a strategic game plan and effectively compete.  It gives the team an upper hand, and a possible advantage, on how to win the game.  Again, this can also apply to the business world.


    No matter what kind of training strategy a company adopts, Video Mystery Shopping should be a part of it. It is an accurate measurement tool to help achieve positive results.  An effective training program, combined with follow up measurement, is the key to winning the game and getting an edge over the competition.