Would you ever order a mystery shop for yourself? by Jeff Shore

Would You Ever Order a Mystery Shop for Yourself?

by Jeff Shore

Mystery shopping…

These two little words can evoke some pretty powerful emotions.

I’m curious. What was your gut reaction when you read the words mystery shopping? Was it fear, anxiety, nervousness, perhaps even anger?

If you reacted this way, you’re not alone. Many salespeople see mystery shopping as a dirty tactic that management uses to catch you doing something wrong. And, in some ways, you’re right.

In the past, some managers have used mystery shopping more as a weapon than as a resource to help “coach” their sales teams.

Yes, I just implied that video mystery shopping is a useful tool for professional development. It’s all about how you use it.

Let’s continue with the coaching analogy. Good coaches watch hours of video looking for ways to help their players improve their game. In fact, many professional athletes themselves watch extensive amounts of video for the express purpose of refining their game.

The lesson? Watching video of yourself “in action” is a great way to improve your talents as a sales professional.

Believe it or not, many salespeople actually pay for someone to video shop them! These folks want to improve their sales skills, so they get over their aversions about mystery shopping and use it for good. Think of it as self-coaching.

Changing your attitude about mystery shopping will change your performance in the sales office. I guarantee it!

I encourage you to take a couple of minutes and watch the video above to learn more about the benefits of mystery shopping.

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Happy selling – and smile at the camera!