If you administered truth serum to every company employee (aside from salespeople) and then asked them to describe the sales department, you’d likely hear words like “pushy,” “high maintenance,” “lazy” and “a bunch of prima donnas.” There’s often a clear disconnect between other departments and sales teams.

Assume you are a plant manager and your facility produces specialty candy bars. Really, really tasty candy bars, so much so that you can barely keep up with demand.

At some point, goodjust isn’t good enough. Real estate brokers who accept the status quo from agents cheat themselves and their teams out of reaching their full potential. When agents take a passive approach (such as relying on social media or e-mail to contact potential buyers) they are not challenged and they sell less.

Several times each year Shore Consulting hosts a dynamic, interactive and career-changing real estate sales program called 

Peyton Manning doesn’t just love the game of football. He reveres it. We know this not because he’s played his whole life or has a Super Bowl ring. We know it because of what happened behind the scenes.

How do you measure success?  Well you have to start somewhere, and if you can’t start at the beginning, anywhere will do.  Whether you are losing weight and reducing your measurements, or training sales associates to sell a particular way, you want to be able to monitor progress and see results.  By taking a baseline snapshot, you have a good idea as to how much progress is being made.


I’m not often surprised by quality customer service, but for my recent birthday, an airline I don’t usually do business with blew me away. As I prepared to board a United Airlines jet the day aftermy birthday, the flight attendant met me at the door with a birthday card and a personal greeting.

Many important decisions are involved in selecting just the right video mystery shopping company for your business.   It is important to choose a company that is a good fit with your training needs.  The best source is professional referrals.  Ask your colleagues and friends in the industry what company they use, why they prefer them, and what makes the partnership a good fit.  These people will give you an honest and unbiased answer.  Sometimes th