Ready to give yourself a hefty pay raise?

Anyone else besides me believe that the sales process has changed pretty dramatically over the past decade?

As my daughter’s recent dispute with a classmate demonstrates, the easy way isn’t always the best way. Although Mary Jane was tempted to find a different friend after arguing with Maddie, I knew this approach would be easier in the short term, but damaging in the long term.

Here’s my brilliant idea for dealing with “I’m just looking”. Are you ready?

Many important decisions are involved in selecting just the right video mystery shopping company for your business.   It is important to choose a company that is a good fit with your training needs.  The best source is professional referrals.  Ask your colleagues and friends in the industry what company they use, why they prefer them, and what makes the partnership a good fit.  These people will give you an honest and unbiased answer.  Sometimes that’s all you need to know, and the rest will fall into place.

Just like any do-it-yourselfer, new home sales teams need to have a selling toolkit equipped with both everyday items and special occasion tools. Two everyday tools necessary for top performance are beliefs and abilities, and our specialty tool is coaching.

BIG IDEA: If You Treat Your Customers Small, They Will Never Buy Big