If you want to be a truly effective coach for your team, you need to take a page from a somewhat unconventional source: Patch Adams.

By Jeff Shore

“This salesperson is too chatty.”

Even with plenty of real estate agent training and experience under their belt, your agents may start to lose their self-confidence if you are not careful about how you define their success.

By Jeff Shore Feb. 10th 2015

I am a goal-setting guy.

Before Christmas, my wife and I were discussing the gifts we were going to exchange.

She asked me what kinds of things I need. Well, I rarely “need” anything, but I definitely did want some new suits and ties.

Why You Should Stop Managing Customer Expectations and Start Gaining Agreements - by Jeff Shore
Throw the popular phrase “managing expectations” into a Google search and you are greeted with a tidy 212 million entries.
Similarly, ask ten of your employees to define the phrase and you are likely to get ten different answers. Everyone, from the Google
powers that be to your own team members have ideas about what this phrase means. This is not surprising.
I have been thinking and writing quite a bit lately about the disdain non-sales people express when they even hear the word sales.
All too often customers associate the word sales with negative sentiments and deeply held biases. (For a full treatment, see Daniel Pink’s book To Sell Is Human – plenty of good research on the topic of anti-sales thinking.)
Tonight on my flight home, a seemingly nice young man sat down next to me and began shooting off the obligatory sitting-next-to-a-stranger questions.
Him: Going home or on business?
Me: Going home. I was here in Charlotte on business.
Him: What do you do?”
Me: Sales training.