The Failure Fist Pump

Winning's Multiplier Effects

Effort counts ...sometimes even more than outcome by Jason Forest - March 10th, 2014

5 simple steps that you can apply today to any discomfort (taken from Be Bold and Win the Sale by Jeff Shore)

1. Make a logical decision about handling your reaction to discomfort.

2. Rewrite your stories.

3. Prepare for the moment just before the moment.

4. Isolate and evaluate each Moments of Discomfort.

5. Start a victory board.

Article written by Jason Forrest - 1/17/14

Forrest Performance Group


Sales Pros:

In order to earn the right to sell, you must also earn your buyer’s trust.

Earning the right to sell takes a lot more than showing up and having “salesperson” on your name tag. Prospects aren’t obligated to trust or respect you; that is something you must earn.

Here are a few steps for earning the right to sell:

When training sales associates, the best measurement tool is VIDEO Mystery Shopping.  Some sales associates are intimidated by the process, but when used properly, it is the best available training tool on the market.  It is important to emphasize to sales associates that the shops will be used for training purposes only; not to embarrass them or catch them doing something wrong.  Think of it as an investment in your sales associates to help them learn more and earn more.  This approach can shed a positive light on shops.

 Positive encouragement is the best way to reinforce affirmative behavior and ensure that progress is being made.  People want to please and want to excel, and a little bit of encouragement goes a long way.