Managing the performance of a new home sales team is essential to your company’s success, and we’re here to help. Impact Marketing is a full service performance management company specializing in New Home Sales.

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Professional mystery shoppers pose as a buyer or customer and capture their entire buying/customer experience on video and audio to give a complete, true picture of your team’s performance.  We have a variety of buyer profiles and do our best to match the shoppers with the location.

Need to know what your competition is doing? We are happy to perform video mystery shops on competitors, as long as they are not current clients of Impact Marketing.   We only do video competition shops in those states that are not 2 party states.  Contact us to find out if this is legal in your state. We protect your trade secrets.

Our shoppers will call your Sales Centers/Call Center to evaluate the phone skills of your team. Phone shops are completed in full audio recording and includes scoring. Find out if your team is missing opportunities to increase business and learn ways to help them improve!

Our shoppers will contact your Online Sales Consultants via the internet. All correspondence is monitored and delivered to you along with an evaluated scorecard to help identify strengths and weaknesses. Did they respond to emails in a timely manner? Did they ask qualifying questions? Did they attempt to set up an appointment and create urgency?

Access your shops from anywhere over the internet! Our Interactive Scorecard will allow you to go directly to specific points in the shop that correspond with your scorecard with a click of your mouse!  You can easily index important aspects of a shop. This elimates the need for DVD's piling up on your desk and collecting dust!

Does your team follow up after buyers/customers have left your establishment? If so, how long did it take them to do it?  We track emails and voicemails for a week after the shop and forward the results to you. Voicemail recordings will come in an audio format.

All videos are scored in house by skilled scorers to maintain consistency and objectivity. You are welcome to use our Universal Scorecard, alter it, or provide your own, which we would custom build online.

Access detailed shop history, compare data, sharpen skills, focus training… the possibilities are endless, and made easy for you!

Want to assess the skill level of a prospective sales superstar? We are happy to perform a video mystery shop on them at their current employer, as long as they are not current clients of Impact Marketing.

All shops will be available online for one year. In addition, there is no charge to download your videos to your computer. You can easily keep a DVD archive by burning copies of your shops to DVD’s if your computer has the capability.  All you need is the software to burn them.