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I’ve been thinking a great deal about success lately, and I am doing so because many success concepts are glaringly simple, yet easily misunderstood.

A couple of weeks back I wrote a blog post about goal clarity, and I think I hit a nerve of obviousness with those comments. If you are not clear on the objective, why would you even think you will accomplish the goal?

This week I want to take a stab at another glaringly obvious (yet frequently ignored) observation.

Years ago my VP of sales asked me to go coach a sales pro, we will call Linda, to get back on track with asking for the sale.

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How do you measure success?  Well you have to start somewhere, and if you can’t start at the beginning, anywhere will do.  Whether you are losing weight and reducing your measurements, or training sales associates to sell a particular way, you want to be able to monitor progress and see results.  By taking a baseline snapshot, you have a good idea as to how much progress is being made.


If you want to be a truly effective coach for your team, you need to take a page from a somewhat unconventional source: Patch Adams.

Even with plenty of real estate agent training and experience under their belt, your agents may start to lose their self-confidence if you are not careful about how you define their success.

I get asked for sales advice. A lot. It’s an occupational hazard.

So you would think I’d have a catchy sales-guru-style slogan ready to go, such as, “Your attitude determines your altitude.”