secret shopper

It was my first day in new home sales. I was in my mid twenties and overly excited to get started in handing out keys to my future customers.

The airline industry is often mocked for its poor customer service and its unhelpful employees, but Southwest Airlines is changing that. Customers loyal to Southwest often say how happy and friendly the employees are, and how hard they work to try and help customers.

Disclaimer: I am a lifelong San Francisco Forty-Niner fan.

How do you measure success?  Well you have to start somewhere, and if you can’t start at the beginning, anywhere will do.  Whether you are losing weight and reducing your measurements, or training sales associates to sell a particular way, you want to be able to monitor progress and see results.  By taking a baseline snapshot, you have a good idea as to how much progress is being made.

Before Christmas, my wife and I were discussing the gifts we were going to exchange.

She asked me what kinds of things I need. Well, I rarely “need” anything, but I definitely did want some new suits and ties.

Here are five ways you to engage buyers and close more deals (article written by Jeff Ogden on October 15, 2013)