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It was my first day in new home sales. I was in my mid twenties and overly excited to get started in handing out keys to my future customers.

The airline industry is often mocked for its poor customer service and its unhelpful employees, but Southwest Airlines is changing that. Customers loyal to Southwest often say how happy and friendly the employees are, and how hard they work to try and help customers.

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How to get ready for anything as 2017’s Sp

Assume you are a plant manager and your facility produces specialty candy bars. Really, really tasty candy bars, so much so that you can barely keep up with demand.

Several times each year Shore Consulting hosts a dynamic, interactive and career-changing real estate sales program called 

Peyton Manning doesn’t just love the game of football. He reveres it. We know this not because he’s played his whole life or has a Super Bowl ring. We know it because of what happened behind the scenes.

Many important decisions are involved in selecting just the right video mystery shopping company for your business.   It is important to choose a company that is a good fit with your training needs.  The best source is professional referrals.  Ask your colleagues and friends in the industry what company they use, why they prefer them, and what makes the partnership a good fit.  These people will give you an honest and unbiased answer.  Sometimes th

By Ryan Taft, Jeff Shore Team

Even with plenty of real estate agent training and experience under their belt, your agents may start to lose their self-confidence if you are not careful about how you define their success.