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Impact Marketing strives to meet all client needs and guidelines. We personalize each client and each shop to fit your specific needs and wants and ultimately, fulfill your overall goal!

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How do you measure success?  Well you have to start somewhere, and if you can’t start at the beginning, anywhere will do.  Whether you are losing weight and reducing your measurements, or training sales associates to sell a particular way, you want to be able to monitor progress and see results.  By taking a baseline snapshot, you have a good idea as to how much progress is being made.

I’m not often surprised by quality customer service, but for my recent birthday, an airline I don’t usually do business with blew me away. As I prepared to board a United Airlines jet the day aftermy birthday, the flight attendant met me at the door with a birthday card and a personal greeting.

June 10, 2014

Leadership Selling, X-Factor 

We are in a recession of the mind.